Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nihilum Does Brutallus - Some Quick Observations

A little raiding guild by the name of Nihilum is at it again, making headlines with videos of some big-time encounters. Their latest, posted last Friday, features the smooth take-down of Brutallus -- so smooth in-fact, that the video goes perfectly with a plain bagel, and is actually just a tad boring.

But aside from being a borderline 4-minute snooze-fest, there's actually quite a bit to see that is totally worthwhile. And, with 3 Warlocks in their raid group, we could all probably learn a thing or two as well.

For starters, it's interesting to note that all 3 Warlocks are 0/21/40 (or a variant of such) and that all have sacrificed their Succubus for the added Shadow damage. I know that shouldn't be all that surprising, but it's interesting that Blood Pact isn't being utilized in their setup to help pad the tank from Brutallus's damage. What's even more surprising, in this regard, is that they are actually increasing the Brut's damage by using Curse of Recklessness!

Using Recklessness against a casting boss is one thing, but I definitely wouldn't expect it to be used against a T6-level melee'ing boss.

Also of interest is how quickly the DPS picks up after Brutallus is pulled. The Warlocks don't even have time to cast Corruption before they start Shadow Bolt spamming! One 'lock does get off an Immolate (which I believe is argued as a better choice than Corruption in a situation like this), and does so more than once during the duration of the battle. But that's it as far as Shadow Bolt compliments go. And with Buzzkill doing almost 2400 DPS at one point, it's hard to argue that they're not doing it absolutely right.

Anyway, enough of my boring banter. Here's the video.

Enjoy. ;)


Anonymous said...

The healers aren't having a hard time healing even with COR. Insane

Fuhsnuh said...

Depending on the boss, using CoReck can actually be a huge help to raid DPS, as armor penetration is a non-linear increase to DPS - the more you have, the more effective it is. For the melee DPS, the 800 armor offered by the curse is a huge boon, anywhere from 5-6% DPS depending on a)Their own ArP, b)Other debuffs(sunders, faerie fire, warp-spring coil/Madness of the Betrayer procs) and c)The boss' inherent armor.

The only time in which you shouldn't CoR are if the boss involved has a multiplier-based attack, like say, Mortal Strike, or if the boss truly hits like a truck. I believe Gurtogg Bloodboil (Fel Rage + CoR = dead mage) Azgalor (Random long silences could hurt in the long term, melee doesn't get to do much with Rain of Fire anyways) are the deadly ones.

Oh, and if you ever want to raid as fire, here's some food for thought:

Enjoy :p

Anonymous said...

My guild tried recklessness and had our tank smashed by stomp every times. We beat him after our warlocks stopped using it.\\\

Jagoex said...

@Fuhs: I agree bud. CoR is fantastic. I often advertised my love for the spell but to no avail. It really is a great DPS-boosting option when 1) the boss is a caster, 2) the boss is wearing weak armor, 3) when the boss doesn't hit relatively hard (doesn't strain the healers), or 4) when there is enough melee DPS in the raid to warrant it. There are many encounters where one or many of those qualities are met, but the curse is just under-appreciated and unfortunately, not used as often as it should be.

Good link on Fire-raiding, btw. It's a hot (lol) topic on many Warlock-centric forums, but until I actually do the math, I'm not sure I can have a set opinion on it. I know it's a feasible spec, but where it seems to get most complicated is where we start discussing ISB... and since that's a chance-based talent, it makes a certain stance on this matter all the more difficult.

Daemoose said...

You can almost negate the AP gain of CoR by using Imp Demo Shout, so there's little reason not to use in on a fight where you should be almost "fully" geared, such as Brutallus.