Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kael'thas is a Pervert

So I was in Tempest Keep the other day, clearing some trash on my guild's way to Void Reaver, when something hit me about the place. All of that amazing Blood Elf Naaru architecture - the giant purple crystals and intricately designed doorways - they're all a little dirty, aren't they? And when I say dirty, I don't just mean "dirty," I mean Christina Aguilera "Dirrty," if you know what I mean. Just look at this picture for goodness sakes:

Now just try and tell me that those giant throbbing crystals aren't phalluses and that the doorway in the distance doesn't look like a vagina.

I'm not sure who designed TK or all of these erotic structures, but one thing is for certain: Blizzard needs to provide much more lore on the floating instance's apparently perverted taskmaster, Kael'thas. We all know he's addicted to magic and that the Blood Elves are really into themselves and what not, but how does all of that tie into Kael'thas's brothel-inspired Keep as his dungeon of choice (all current lore aside, that is)?

A bit creepy if you ask me. :)

I am obviously totally joking, by the way, but the above picture does offer up some interesting-looking objects, doesn't it?

I wonder what those designers over at Bliz were thinking...


Matt said...

Well actually it's a Naaru construct; which makes it all the more disturbing... ><

Jagoex said...

Lol! Good point.


B of A said...

lol way to screw up your lore Jag!!!!

B of A said...

Oh and lol at the truthiness of this post too.

Jagoex said...

Seriously. I should leave the lore stuff to people who know their ish. ;)

Logan said...

Just wait until you actually fight him. Make sure you turn the character speech way up so he can tell you all about his "Master Engineer, Telonicussssssss" (yes, that's a lisp I'm trying to type there)

Man, he sure is fancy.

Anonymous said...

I had really similar feelings about TK. But not in TK itself but the entrence to the Eye (when you're flying directly towards the instance entrance).
Though I assumed that this is only my twisted psyche ;-).

Jagoex said...

Heheh, it could very well be a twisted perception of things, but if a good number of individuals notice it too, there's probably more to it than our mind's own application.

I dare someone to ask about it on the official forums! ;)

Anonymous said...

Post a link once you do ;-).

Jesyka said...

the game has always been designed this way, dude. have you just now noticed that?


every city, instance... gear icons... it's all a mirror of the oh mighty penis!

for real, they did change the serpent flesh icon, though. it was actually a penis awhile ago. lol.