Monday, March 31, 2008

Is MagT's Kael'thas Too Easy?

When I first heard that Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Lord of the Blood Elves, was going to make an appearance in a heroic 5-man in 2.4, I nearly wet myself. At the time, I had never ventured into Tempest Keep and only heard epic stories and lore about one of the fiercest personalities in all of WoW. I was very eager to get into Heroic MagT asap to witness the grandeur of Kael'thas first-hand... that is, until I heard that the encounter doesn't do him any justice whatsoever, is incredibly easy, and to some, even tarnishes the image of the once-great Blood Elf.

At first, I thought the complaints were coming from a few overly-passionate RPers who were disappointed that Kael'thas was tweaked down into 5-man form. However, after talking with a good number of players, who definitely don't RP, btw, I'm beginning to think that there may be some truth to this story after all.

This YouTube video shows a Holy Priest solo'ing the once-mighty raid boss from about 40% down to nothing -- definitely not something I would expect a single player could do against a character of Kael'thas's caliber:

Gimmicky slogans and music aside, the video is a great example of Kael'thas's level of ease that people are describing.

Looking at it myself, I can't help but believe that there is definitely something worth complaining about.


Zyphre said...

Hes been weakened by that nasty defeat at tk dude :P. And that video is definitely not on heroic.

I assume you know the fight? If you only attack him between the parts where he gets stunned he takes 50% extra damage. The beginning of the fight he spams 3k fireballs and on heroic he will do a 40K pyroblast.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pvp'r, so I don't raid and haven't seen TK and the majority of players probably haven't either. This Kael'thas is the only one we have seen and I was disappointed at how he was tuned for this fight. It wasn't anything special and it should be.

B of A said...

Jag, it's MrT not MagT!!!!

Jagoex said...

@Zy: I know the story behind his weak state and what not, but I don't think it means he should be a walk in the park, ya know? I mean, his big spells can be interrupted easily and often, and pose no real threat whatsoever. It just doesn't seem fitting.

@anon: /agree

@B: Dude, I just can't bring myself to call it MrT. It's so... gimmicky. ;)

Fuhsnuh said...

His fireballs could be interrupted in TK too <_<

Overall, I think he's a pretty good representation of what the 25-man version looked like - sans the goons, of course - and I'm glad Blizzard gave a chance for non-raiders to see what the fight was partially like, without making it overbearing for the casual player.

Jagoex said...

Fuhz! Good to hear from ya man. Give Pro (Ix) and FN my best!

Truth that the raid-version of Kael can be interrupted, but he was much more multi-variabled. With this watered-down 5-man version, interrupting his big spells basically ensures success -- that wasn't the case in the 25-man.

Now, I know that one is a raid and one is a small dungeon, and that one should be easier than the other. But my main complaint is that the 5-man version is TOO easy. More-so than he should be.

B of A said...

Dude, careful or you'll be pulled over by the redundency police!! LOL

Kael'thas is easy in MrT and thats how it should be. The story goes that he's a broken man at that point and it shows.