Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mean People

We've all come across people in the WoW Universe that aren't "nice." Trolls, anti-socialites, etc, they all fit into that category. But have you truly met someone that is downright mean and nasty? Today, over two years after activating my WoW account, I can say that I finally have. And, as per usual, my psychology background moved me to completely waste my time in over-analyzing the details of the experience.

I will not bore you with the complete details of what happened, but I will give you a quick recap.

I was put in touch with a crafter on my realm that can make a specific item that I have been after for quite some time. He said he would get it made for me as soon as he gained enough Nether Vortexes to do so. Today, he was in SSC and I shot him a quick whisper to get an update on his progress.

"How's it going in there?" I asked.

"Don't you ever whisper me while I am on a raid ever again or you will never get your item. Do you understand?!" he shot back.

Raiding is apparently such serious business that a little purple text ruins it completely. LEWL.

"Sorry," I responded. "I didn't see a DND tag." Hint hint.

He continued on with his attitude and, for fear that he would become too angry with me to continue on with our little agreement, I let him do so without interference.

People who have this kind of behavioral issue NEED interactions of this sort to make themselves feel worthwhile. But as soon as anyone gives them any kind of heat, they withdraw, unable to take any kind of criticism, and find a new place to express their desire for control -- a strong ingredient for building self-esteem. Responding to this guy in an effort to defend myself would have only pushed him and my crafted gear away.

For me, this wasn't a matter of being insulted. It was simply a matter of an individual with a social personality issue trying desperately to regain a sense of control in an environment where he feels un-threatened and free to do so. This game creates a perfect environment for that kind of thing, doesn't it? It's surprising there aren't more like him out there.

Anyway, I never did find out if I'll be getting my item this weekend or not. But, whatever. I got to do some old school psycho-babbling, so all wasn't a total loss. =)

/sigh... I should have majored in Biology.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! It's sad to see the sheer number of people who find it somehow validating to chew out their fellow players in a game.

Good luck getting that item!

B of A said...

What a loser that guy is. If you dont want to be talked to when your in a raid then put up the "do not disturb" tag! Its not that hard to do!

Zyphre said...

Lay into him after you get your lewt imo :)

Jesyka said...

lol. you know all too well how many insecure assholes like this that i've had to deal with :p

what's sad is that i firmly believe that people come into restraunts and do the same thing. now that i've been waiting tables for some time, it's evident that some people just really need to lay into strangers or people who can't really do anything back just to feel better about themselves.

i dunno though, i dont fuck with the people that make my food for me. hehe.

Malnar said...

Interesting that you should write about this incident since a few of us in my guild were having a discussion about this sort of very thing quite recently.

One of our more learned fellows pointed us to a study, which being a fellow student of the mind, you should be able to appreciate.

Jagoex said...

Thanks for the excellent read! There are definitely a few problems with the design of that study (which they outline near the end of their report), but it definitely hits the nail right on the head.