Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tip of the Week: Milk Valentine's Day Seasonals

I know the title of this post is a little odd considering the content of my last one, but trust me, it'll make sense when this post is all said and done and I've explained to you how you can get everything you want out of this year's Valentine's Day seasonal event... except a girl or boyfriend, that is. But who needs those expensive luxuries anyway when you've got Romantic Picnic Baskets and Lovely Black Dresses to find? ;)

To have a shot at one of these seasonal items, you must first purchase a bottle of perfume or cologne and a stack of Valentine's notes/cards from a vendor that sells them (Innkeepers in the main cities do). Put on the perfume if most of the guards around you are male, or the cologne if most are female, and wait for hearts to appear over their heads. When they do, talk to them, and choose the option at the very bottom that gives them one of your cards. In return, they will give you a box of items, very few of which contain the items we're looking for. Either that, or they will reject you, but we're not worried about that. You can only receive one of these gift boxes once per hour -- but that means you can do this incoming tip every hour!

Here's what you do: make several level one alts and run them to the nearest capital city. Send each of them 2 silver (enough for a bottle of cologne/perfume and a stack of cards), and login with each toon every hour to receive a gift box from your guard of choice. If you don't want to have that much downtime in-between attempts, start a single alt, run him/her to the nearest capital city, send the toon some gold, buy the items, interact with a guard, check your box, delete the toon, rinse and repeat. Pretty simple, and it cuts your wait-time by about 50 mins! This will greatly increase your chance at receiving either the Romantic Picnic Basket or the Lovely Black Dress.

The basket is a really fun seasonal novelty item that every collector will enjoy. It's soulbound, so you can't move it between toons readily, but the trick is to keep the basket INSIDE the gift box you are given by the guards. That way, you can move it to whatever toon you'd like... even a prospective buyer. ;)

The dress, well, it kinda speaks for itself:

The great thing about this item is that it is NOT SOULBOUND and can be freely sent from one player to another. Since they are fairly rare and sexy as hell, they also sell for a decent amount on the AH, often going for 200-300g. Very easy monies ftw.

So there you have it -- very easy tips to milk the current season of all of it's lovely goodness. Good luck with those gifts, and Happy Valentine's! <3


Shasta said...

They locked my realm so I can't try this. qq =`(

Jesyka said...


MY dress, that I loaned you.

And you QQ'd and quit.. and I gave up hope of getting it back... only for you to start playing again shortly after I transferred.

I hate you. For realz.

Jagoex said...

I pulled that picture off of WoW Wiki. Glitz only has the red one via a quest.

I tried getting yours back to you, remember?

Anyhow, just use the 800g I gave you to buy another. Or maybe if you never bound that Orb of Deception I also gave you, you could trade that for one maybe?


B of A said...

LOL. Own3d!

Anonymous said...

Are you selling the stuff and for how much? I don't know what to charge and need help.

Jagoex said...

@ b of a: What? lol

@ anon: I've sold baskets for 125g, but the price bottomed out yesterday and I couldn't even sell them for 25g. The Truesilver Shafted Arrow (noncombat pet) I sold for 400g.

I see a bunch of Lovely Black Dresses on the AH for several hundred gold, but none seem to be selling. Guildmates have sold theirs for 30g, however -- quite the deal.