Saturday, February 23, 2008

PTR: The Fire Warlock Materializes

So just as expected, Blizzard updated the Emberstorm talent in the latest PTR build to provide a 10% cast time reduction to Incinerate. We knew this was bound to happen after MMO Champion's recent report on the very odd, 1-rank change to Emberstorm in the last build. But quite frankly, I'm surprised it (the new PTR build, that is) was sprung on us so quickly. And yet I am pleasantly surprised to find that, imho, they got it right this time -- reducing Incinerate's cast time between 2% and 10% based on the investment of up to 5 talent points.

The change will obviously make raiding with Fire much more reasonable for our class, but what is not immediately obvious is the new dimension this may provide to the raiding Warlock. When choosing between throwing Fire or Shadow, it's always reasonable to consider what gear we have (most of our available gear tends to favor Shadow), but now it will also depend on who we are complimented with in-raid. If we are partied with a Shadow Priest, curse with Curse of Shadow and spam Shadow Bolts -- as per the usual. If partied with a Fire Mage, however, it might be more beneficial to curse with Curse of Elements and take advantage of the Scorch effect. Not only may this result in very competitive damage, but based on usual raid compositions, it may be a greater benefit of the raid as a whole (CoS vs. CoE with more DPS taking advantage of CoE post-2.4). Lots of potential here, for sure.

It'll be interesting to see how these changes play out in-raid and how many Warlocks will be swayed to the lighter side of the dark side. Time will tell, I guess. But in the meantime... lets just sit back and enjoy the moment. This is a buff for our class, after all. Who knows when the next one will come around. ;)

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