Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Tap in 2.4: How Will it Affect the 0/21/40 Build?

I don't have much time to post tonight, but I will leave you with this thought for the weekend. If Blizzard insists on making Life Tap scale negatively with Stamina, therefore forcing us to allocate our Talent points into worthless Talents (especially in the Demo tree), they also have no choice but to reconstruct our talent trees to make them more efficient and complimentary to this change. There is no question about it -- it just has to be done during the next class review, and soon!

I mean, just take a look at the state of our 0/21/40 end-game DPS build (and yes, I know these aren't the best talent allocations, but just bear with me so I can make my point):

The way things stand now on the PTR, we'd be foregoing Demonic Embrace and Fel Stamina (once staples of the Demonology Tree) for talents that buff our soon-to-be sacrificed pet. How backwards is that? And don't even get me started about having to drop 5 points into Cataclysm -- what was a "meh" talent now becomes a must, sacrificing the investment of points for more important talents down the tree.

In any case, both trees are in desperate need of a review and much needed action. And when you're considering changes, Blizzard, please remember that you've already created a Mage class.



Zyphre said...

I think most of the changes happening to classes right now are in preparation of tree extensions. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they overhauled demo in 2.5 giving sacrifice as a trainable. Its clear that in lich king they don't want any cloth class having more unbuffed hp than a melee.

Its unfortunate that they are gonna push this without a gear tweak, but thus is life.

And hey, you can't yet call yourself a mage untill you know death on a first name basis. ;)

But do say Hi to bob for me, hes expecting you soon.

Anonymous said...

My opinion?

Get the hell off WoW and stop posting so much pointless shit about a video game.

Zyphre said...

My opinion is that Mr.Anonymous should do something more constructive with your time, and maybe stop desperately reaching out for some sort of attention.

If you don't like the content find another place to be. To be honest your sad attempt at flaming is the most pointless thing in this blog to date. GG

Jagoex said...

Zy, lets go visit a website, read it's content, and then take the time to flame it's author at how pointless it all is. You game?


Zyphre said...

Clearly we should. All the cool kids are doing it.

Anonymous said...

hey zy how's the welfare life treating you? making sure to get 3 helpings of ghetto mac and cheese every day with your food stamps? fuck off asshole

Jagoex said...

Anon, just to be clear: when an individual insults another, there's always an underlying motivation for the behavior. Often, it is an attempt at feeling in-control, which is a precipitate of feeling generally helpless in other areas of life. Jealousy is also a common motivating agent.

So, you can go ahead and insult Zy, me, or any other of my readers all you want. But please, keep in mind this response, and that we know that YOU know we are better than you.

Have a nice day.

Logan said...

Don't feed the trolls... unless you feed them ghetto mac and cheese. I hear they like that.

A funny quote comes to mind: "Anonymity is the enemy of civility."

Anonymous said...

OH NOES THE BIG BAD PSYCHOLOGY MAN THINKS HE KNOWS HOW TO READ ME!! good thing your spending all your time on this worthless forum and not with your family loser

Logan said...

Thanks for reminding me of one of my other favorite quotes:

"Caps lock is cruise control for cool!"

P.S.- Anon, it's "you're," not "your." Jesus, if you're going to flame someone at least do it using proper English. (And I'm referring to your first use of the word "your" in your comment, not the second one. The second use is spot-on. Kudos to you!)

Star said...

Since when can't people post on a blog and spend time with their family? I'm confused! =/

Jagoex said...

I wouldn't call a few minutes a day "all my time," and I definitely wouldn't call getting paid for it "worthless." ;)