Friday, May 29, 2009

What's Up With Ferarro & Paladin Schmaladin?

I have to take a quick time-out from the norm to outline a concern that I have about the honesty of blogging and bloggers. For those of you who normally read blogs, it may impact you on some level, so it won't be a complete waste of your time.

If you found yourself over at fellow WoW-blogger Ferarro's website today, Paladin Schmaladin, you were greeted with a new message that the "blog is open to invited readers only." According to her Twitter updates, she believes that she has a stalker, and things are getting a bit too uncomfortable with all of the private information she has been posting.

Now let me be serious for a second (it's all I can muster): if she does have a legit stalker, she made the right decision in closing shop. Playing it safe is the only way to go in that scenario. There is nothing worse than feeling exposed, after all (we Warlocks know that all too well). However, I am getting reports that the stalker story is about as straight as Tom Cruise, and that I should have listened to my mother when she told me to never believe everything I read on the internet... that I don't write myself.

According to multiple sources in-WoW and out, Ferarro was outed as a fraud when an astute Warlock posted a convincing link on the WoW Forums, pointing to a website called TechDarling. All over the site are pictures of a girl that we know as Ferarro. In fact, many of the pictures there are identical copies of those we've seen on Paladin Schmaladin. But instead of the WoW game-tester we all know, we see a real-life social-blogger who is into the tech scene and has posted pictures from various blogging expos and web design events -- pictures stolen by and featured on Paladin Schmaladin and that Ferarro presented as of herself, and her job as a game-tester for WoW.

Doing a little bit of digging, it seems that all of the self-portraits posted of Ferarro on Paladin Schmaladin originate from TechDarling and its author's own web pages, including Facebook and Flickr. In fact, there are many images there that authenticate TechDarling as the legitimate source and owner of the pictures and events. Oh, and btw, WoW is never mentioned on these other sites. Not once.

So what does all of this craziness mean, exactly?

Well, for starters, a bunch of love-struck boys are going to experience some heavy frustration when this comes to light, and we are bound to see some nerd rage soon. For bloggers like me, it is a little disheartening. Ferarro has basically been lying about her identity for years, and stealing someone else's content and posting them as her own. She has taken advantage of another blogger and her reader's trust, and that makes my job as a fellow blogger just that much harder.

On a WoW-related front, this mess also means that Ferarro isn't a game tester for Blizzard. The "game-testing" images that were posted on Paladin Schmaladin were relabeled TechDarling images that were taken at a blogging expo.

I gotta admit, just thinking about this gets me a little angry, and my mind is going crazy with a series of difficult questions: what drives a person to do this kind of thing? Why would anyone lead people on like that? And for what means? And do you know what the worst part about this whole thing is? Paladin Schmaladin was a great resource and excellent WoW blog. Why it needed to be masked by someone else's pretty face is straight attention-whoring.

And here's a piece of advice from your friendly neighborhood Warlock Therapist: if you post someone else's picture and get caught, don't take down your blog and try to explain it away as a problem with a stalker. Don't go into hiding and conjure up 7 different identities when that doesn't work either. Fess up, make things right, and move on. It may hurt at first, but it is the only way to help guarantee yourself respect and friendship in the long-run. And lets face it, you owe at least that much to your readers, right?

It will be quite interesting to see where Ferarro goes from here. While watching the changing status of Paladin Schmaladin's accessibility, I wish her, or him, some much-needed sanity.

I am Jagoex. I'm a husband, a father, a professor, and a warlock. That's all you need to know. ;)

UPDATE: Apparently, Ferarro has closed her Twitter account and many of her articles at are MIA. Threads started on the WoW Forums linking to TechDarling or this post are being reported as harassment and immediately removed. Also, many young boys are in complete denial.

UPDATE 2: TechDarling is aware of what is going on and according to her Twitter page, she was unaware anyone was stealing her images and content and using them as her own.

UPDATE 3: admins played no hand in the posts that were being deleted on their website, and were clueless on what was going on until after the fact. Also, Ferarro's character on Alexstrasza is no longer showing up on the Armory.

UPDATE 4: Paladin Schmaladin is available for viewing once again, with a long explanation of what has happened -- including a creative story detailing 7 different owners of "Ferarro" the Paladin.

UPDATE 5: just posted a very detailed look into Ferarro's explanatory post, basically debunking her statement that Ferarro was operated by 7 different people over the years.


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Anonymous said...

@previous Anon, because there is something wierd about the video response, but as Jagoex points out, that doesn't mean ST=Ferarro. I don't think people are defending ST because she's pretty. I think people are defending her because in all likelyhood someone name Neil ripped off her blog and to add insult to injury, people keep accusing her of being the same person that probably ripped her off. And that's just not right.
And incidently, if ST were Ferarro, then she just plain wins at the internet and more power to her.

Anonymous said...

@previous Anon, and all she does is add fuel to the fire by recording a quirky video in a teddy and NOT taking any legal steps to protect her property. I'm not saying TD is or isn't Ferarro. But IMO her actions in the matter haven't really been the most convincing that she's not.

Jeremy said...

Somebody named Niel may be stealing her work. Or more likely, this poor Niel guy's possibly just as much a victim here because hsi name got pulled uot of a hat to be lynched off even more circumstantial evidence than was used to expose the original Ferraro farce to begin with.

Look I'm not sure even in my own mind that I think ST = Ferraro - or - that they're NOT the same person. Simply put, and I'll say it again, there's just too many inconsistancies all around to believe anything either says.

I personally feel if it were a real identity theft issue then ST wouldnt nearly be so quick to blame yet another very likely innocent person of something based on craziness and people's conjecture.

My point has been and remains the inconsistancies and the extremely odd way that miss ST is reacting to all of this on top of the fact that she really, from all fronts here, has nothing to lose (5 years of using nothing but a bit of the writing style and pictures != physical danger) and everything to gain (huge amounts of traffic on her associated sites) as well as the fact that the TD site barely got any updates on any real consistant basis until all this happened...

It just doesnt add up to anything believable - from anyone involved.

Jeremy said...

Incidentally, someday I'll learn how to type w/out relying on auto correct and intellisense...

Sarah aka TechDarling said...

Haha, guys, it was not a teddy. It's a shirt from Forever 21 and you could probably find it on their website. My apologies for not doing a full body video.

The reason I am freaking now as opposed to when I made the video is because now I realize it is not some random girl who has valuable content about WoW, but some creepy dude who has been following me for years and knows far more about me personally than anyone should know. I just figured this out a few days ago. Put yourself in my shoes and think about how you would react.

There's no way I can think of to prove that I'm not Ferarro, but if anyone has any suggestions, I am MORE than willing to participate to disprove this theory. I think the fact that I keep saying this speaks volumes. I'm not ignoring the statements, but rather I'm saying - PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO TO PROVE YOU WRONG.

Sarah aka TechDarling said...

@Jeremy, this person Neil isn't pulled out of a hat. He is linked to the Ferarro case through multiple points, and he began harassing me online 4+ years ago. His "girlfriend" on Facebook is on my friends list. It's him, no question about it, and it's more than just this Ferarro blog.

Any measures I take in my personal life to protect myself will not be broadcast here, as that would only tip this person off. So don't chastise me that I'm "not taking it seriously" therefore it must not be real. You don't know what I'm doing in real life and what I'm not, just because I'm not blogging about it!

BTW, there was no "huge amount of traffic." One day of a traffic spike (about 9,000 page views) is not worth 5 years of bullshit.

Jeremy said...

Given that you cant prove to my (or anyone's) satisfaction and that it does no good for anyoen to continue harassing you about it (not to mention that if you're telling the whole truth we all owe you a huge appology) This will be my last post.

Better or worse, good luck with unraveling this and getting this resolved.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, why are you giving this Jeremy any sort of power over you? Forget about him. There's even a chance it's Neil and he's enjoying the attention.

Jeremy said...

OK seriously now you're reaching. If you want attention that badly go post on the TD site - white knights in shining armor dont get squat on the internetz bud.

Anonymous said...

I'm just pointing out that you're a complete waste of time that enjoys the attention of a girl on the internetz. Pointing out facts isn't white-knighting.

Anonymous said...

Hi. You know what I find creepy? That people are actually okay with this person doing what he/she did. I read some of the comments on "it's" blog, and they are all from anonymous posters praising and begging for more. Even more twisted is that those posts are moderated. This ferarro person has issues!

Intrigued said...

I was the 'intrigued' Anonymous that linked the Angelfire page up above, found a couple more links to share:
Neil Perry
Currently: Offline Sex: M
Age: 27
Location: La Mirada, CA

(Just another tie in to Neil Perry and EverDash in La Mirada, CA)
Neil Garces
La Mirada High School
La mirada, CA
Class of 1999
(Playing a guitar in the picture posted)
Displaying 1-6 of 6 results for Neil Garces:
Profile name: Unfiltered™
27 / male
La Mirada
Last Login: 6/8/2009
Mood: vexed

(The Angelfire profile name was "So Much For the Afterglow". Lol @ 'vexed')

Someone else already linked to this at I think-
Name: EverDash

Show the last posts of this person:;u=25736;sa=showPosts

The bits I find intriguing about the mmo-champion profile is that the comments were frequently in response to posts by Ferarro, and the writing style is very different from the Angelfire profile and the Ferarro blog (no Capitalization for instance) unless it's a deliberate masking.

Should I feel bad stalking a stalker?

Jagoex said...

I'm not going to pretend that I know all of the details or that I am 100% sure one way or the other (really, can any of us truly be other than those directly involved?). But I do find this whole situation very curious, and I say that as someone who "knew" Ferarro and as someone totally into analyzing behavior. This topic and these comments have been a goldmine, in that regard.

Anonymity and the net... a dangerous thing for sure. I was reminded of just how dangerous behaviors like this can be today -- some people I know lost someone they love to an apparently psychotic individual.

I wouldn't recommend sitting around and waiting to see just how deep this 5-year infatuation with your (Sarah's) identity grows... assuming you are being truthful.

If you are being honest, and you really are willing to "prove" it, my offer still stands (via Twitter).

If you are being dishonest... well, thanks for the laughs, and I have a couple of nice shrinks you may want to consider visiting. ;)

Star said...

I want to know more about this offer. Do tell. /popcorn

Intrigued said...

Maybe I've done a lot more snooping around the Ferarro cache (in addition to having followed the blog and its archives for the last 6ish months just because it was good pally info and an entertaining read) but I'm pretty thoroughly convinced that they are very separate people. One (Ferraro) is definitely a Crystal along with a Neil and the other is Sarah/TD.

One good resource that still has some pics tied to posts is this site:

(Sarah could probably fill us in on where that boat trip really was and with who)

One of the other big clues that stood out to me early on was one of the Possum in the tree in ST/TD's Flickr account (Sorry Sarah, someone posted that early on in the debacle), that was "Uploaded on Oct 9, 2006" and in Ferarro's blog, Ferarro posted an "AMG LOK WUT I FOWND!!!11" Possum post 'that woke her up eating her cat's food' at 5:20 AM in September 2007.

Who would post something like that a whole year later and pretend that it just happened?

Someone who isn't Sarah Townsend, imo.

Sarah aka TechDarling said...

Ha, yeah, the boat trip was in Spring of 2005 in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, where my family has a beach house. My Mom even has that photo in an online album somewhere.

The possum pic was a few months after I moved to LA in fall 06, and it never ate my cat's food, my old roommate Jacqueline and I found it in a tree outside on the way into our apartment. I didn't even know those photos were up on the Ferarro blog?

Intrigued said...

Unfortunately the Google cache for the Ferarro site is falling apart, but a search for: AMG LOK
AMG LOK WUT I FOWND!!!11. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket. 5am and I hear a sound outside on the balcony. I run out to see a possum eating my ... kitty's food. *laughs* He just looks at me and calmly climbs the corner tree as if, y'know, I wasn't a human and ...
... human and couldn't just hit him with a bat or anything. ...

That's as much of the post that I could cobble together from the bit of text that searches give us.

Just tried Bing today and they have a cache file of the boat trip and a few other posts but not the possum. search for:,9035019c

Yahoo's cache files all worked fine yesterday, today they are not working as well, but this one seems to be pulling up:

Pics that had been your tour of the swank hotel you stayed at are in the 'Suite-ness. (Updated)' post but are deleted from Ferarro's photobucket.

This was a handy find for a few cached files:

Intrigued said...

If I'm learning anything from this, it's that anything said on the Internet is forever. Deleting posts is not going to hide your legacy.

That, and the irony of the quote in the Author's note still amuses me.

About the author
"Be who you are and say what you feel; Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter won't mind."

Jagoex said...

One thing I always found odd about Ferarro's images and the timeline they were posted: the hairstyles.

For example, I remember seeing a "recent" picture posted where she had really short hair. Then one or two months later, another "recent" picture was posted where she had very long hair.

I'd ask "her" about the inconsistency and she'd brush them off like it was nothing.

Anonymous said...

There was a poster on the wow forums just post the Ferarro exposure touting that Ferarro renamed the pallie Afterglow. Other wow posters noted to this poster that she was also Ferarro. But it was denied vehemently. but if you go look at the Neil Perry pages, you will see the word afterglow listed. It's not a coincidence. The neil perry persona is a troubled persona.

The jeremey persona here is a classic troll. if not ferarro outright, a close imitation. Don't feed it too much.

Did blizzard do a wipe of Ferarro info? I would think that shows they are taking the stalking seriously.

Anonymous said...

ptaw lev 1 of the guild The Thirty on Mannoroth was the one that brought up the Ferarro conversion to Afterglow. With Mildorn looking to be the only main char in that guild on mannoroth.

The Blue pussies at wow forums are on a thread deletion frenzy. Those forums just suck so bad anyway.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Intheknow said...

"The Blue pussies at wow forums are on a thread deletion frenzy. Those forums just suck so bad anyway." ~ It's half automated. All people need to do is flag a thread for harassment and it'll most likely be deleted.

Kargoth said...

I'll revisit what sock puppets are for at least in the world of fan fiction. They are expressly for generating interest. Some fic writers will actually engineer "arguments" between said puppet and "real/main" blogger. How many of you actually knew of Paladin Schmaladin or for that matter Techdarling until the news broke? How many of you know now? This is not to say that they are definitively the same but it doesn't exclude it either. Ferraro never wanted to "depart" wow...interest was generated. She did hide however that much is certain. We won't know for sure until or if she starts posting on PS again.

Jeremy said...

With that being said, I think the previous poster putting up actual addresses was stepping over the line. You can suspect this neil guy all you want. That doesnt excuse the fact that you just exposed him to danger much the same that you're worried about TD/Sarah having to deal with.

Intrigued said...

I agree with Jeremy, that was too far, putting addresses in. No one asked for that, and even if one of those is the guilty party's address, there are at least 4 innocents also exposed for no reason.

Digging for online persona connections isn't the same as posting that info.

Anonymous said...

The addresses are for businesses, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Somebody better alert them. They wouldn't want anybody to visit and order anything.

Jagoex said...

Yeah, posting potentially personal information of those involved is a bit much. It starts to blur who the real stalkers are, ya know? ;)

Anonymous said...

This is all absolutly insane. Situations like these really make me hate the internet.

Honestly, I feel like a complete loser. To think that I have spent as much time as I have playing WoW and taking advice from social retards. I feel cheated, I feel like asking Blizz for a full refund. I cant believe I let a video game take over my life for over a year now.

The people who perpetuated all this drama should be ashamed and I hope they recieve severe divine retribution for decieving so many people.

Here's some advice guys and gals go out and make real friends, face to face, dont live a fake, quasi internet life. Go out and live a real life because before you realize it it will all be over and all you will have to show for it will be a beer gut, acne, a bad attitude and regret.



Anonymous said...

obligatory 'Can I have ur stuff?'

You'll be back.

Jagoex said...

@Anon, 4:38 pm:

I agree that no one should allow this game to take over their life, and that defining yourself by an online persona is a dangerous behavior, no matter how you spin it.

However, there is a healthy balance that can be achieved. I know plenty of people that have an active social life, a family, a job, AND play WoW. One of my best friends is an oral surgeon with a wife and kid... and he also has 3 80s and several 70+s that are on their way.

It is indeed possible to play WoW without becoming the stereotype basement gamer -- it just takes self-control. Set limitations for yourself and abide by them. If you find yourself faltering, it is YOUR responsibility to set stricter goals for yourself. And, of course, if you can't help yourself, than maybe you do need to quit altogether... but odds are that if you're not in control of the gaming, you won't be gone long.

Gaming addiction does exist, and it is part of a much broader issue related to an addictive personality. If you believe that you are experiencing a problem with your gaming, talk to your doctor. He/she will know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Man, what a mess.
At first I wanted Ferraro to return to the healing guides.

Now, I've taken the address of my Favorites list. Something stinks in that direction and I ain't falling for it.

If only Bananashoulders updated her (we sure she's a she?) site more often...

Jeremy said...

Does it matter if she's a she?

Redmeph said...

I originally only saw this as my two main toons are a pally and a warlock.

The main difference between TD and Ferraro is that the latter is a self confessed, and therefore proven, liar. TD has not said or done anything dishonest. Yes, she's had people making suppositions about her motives, but that is not the same at all.

So, who do I believe, a blogger who is a proven liar, or a blogger who has had her pictures stolen? Its a not a hard choice. Saying theres something 'weird' about TD's response just means it doesn't make sense to you. I would think it was clearly the response she wanted to put across to end the issue without making it an even bigger drama. Considering how things look now, well in retrospect that may well have been the wrong approach to take. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and it's likely her choice was made on what she believed the case was at the time.

TD not wanting to go Full Metal Jacket Mental over it does not make her Ferraro, more likely it makes a balanced person who hadn't realised how deep the Ferraro creep had gone into stalking her.

Personally, all this has made me question how much I follow things and how easy it is to lose perspective on the internet. I've scrubbed out both TD's site and twitter, and Paladin Schmaladin, as Im finding all this way too fascinating. Although having seen that TD's blog is pretty good,my geekery might make me go back one day. Same for Warlock Therapy, though not for a while.

Ferraro has done a vile and poisonous thing, to sow so much distrust. Unfortunately that's how creeps like him or her operate, they obfuscate the issue and try to cast their victims as equally culpable participants in their sordid little world.

Intrigued said...


Anonymous said...

^No one gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

I do. I want to see how many times this Neil guy comments on his own threads to feign popularity. It's like watching the U.S. news cover Iran. All they show are the thousands of people acting up and not the millions living peacefully content with their government. Brainwashing is lose.

Lolerlock said...

Of course ferarro comments on his own blog to make himself look better. Does it surprise you that someone who faked his identity for so long would? Really?

Anyone who follows that fuck's advice is a bigger loser than he is. It's a shame that this game is so full of losers.

Star said...

LOL! I wholeheartedly agree with that! Nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Actually no. I believe that Sarah Townsend is author of both the Paladin Schmaladin blog and the TechDarling website. I believe that she wished to maintain two different personas: one who played WoW and one who didn't. Now that her cover is blown, the "real" Sarah Townsend on her Twitter account is trying to deny any affiliation with Paladin Schmaladin. Of course, this is a theory... but it's as good as any considering the paucity of hard facts in this whole ordeal.

The other theory about what happened takes Sarah Townsend's Twitter site by her word.

I don't believe that there is no "stalker" involved and there is no case of a stolen identity; she is the author of both sites.

Here is her LinkedIn page -->

Curious said...

Jagoex, can I ask you how you stumbled upon this story? It seems to come out of no where.

Intrigued said...

@Anonymous 6:08 PM

If you actually read through *all* of Ferarro's posts (that are now taken down and limited to Google Cache files) it's so easy to see that *everything* was stolen from Sarah, not Sarah 'living 2 lives'.

I see no proof that what you're saying comes close to being truth.

Your link to Sarah's only denies it further, any posts Ferarro ever made about jobs she had never touched Sarah's industries.

Also, find someone else who plays WoW actively and *never* mentions it on their blog (until it's forced on them because their identity was stolen by a WoW blogger). WoW players talk about WoW. If ST was a WoW player, she'd have said something about it a looong time ago on the TD blog.

No one has put *any* credible proof that Sarah is Ferarro, but I've found plenty of evidence to indicate that Ferarro is Crystal/Neil.

Jagoex said he noticed ST's TD post with a 1337 tag:
Posted on : 19-03-2009 | By : theoneinpink

And he saw Ferarro's post with a picture of the exact same 1337 tag:
(Archive is all that's available now)
May 27, 2009, 1:15 pm
Ferarro said: "LAX thinks I'm leet. =)"

Which I find *extremely* peculiar given that it's a DoubleTree hotel claim tag, not an LAX tag at all.

Jagoex put two and two together and blew the identity theft wide open.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Ferarro moves forward after this.

No doubt in my mind that they are completely separate entities.

SN said...

This whole story is not about the same person posing as two in some scheme to keep two identities apart. TechDarling is Sarah Townsend, and Ferarro is her well-spoken and semi-intelligent emo stalker.

Sarah has handled this very well, which is why so many question her identity. Ferarro on the other hand acted like the liar he is and spun story after story trying to cover his ass. A stalker? 7 Ferarros? Give me a break.

All of the people that matter, including everyone at, saw right through the lies and have rightfully dismissed any stock he may have had within the community, blogging or gaming. The only people left at his doorstep are 1) himself posing as others 2) shallow people who don't get the wrongness of what he did.

Sarah has moved on and is enjoying a slightly larger audience mostly composed of prepubescent boys who can't let go of the image they have grown to love. Hopefully she has contacted the authorities about this story too, but I understand why she is mum on the issue. The last thing you want to do when hunting a deer is let them know you're aiming at them.

And that is how the chapter ends in my book. The real story now is hearing about how Jagoex and mind-fucked a con-artist into submission. When is that post coming?

Jagoex said...

@Intrigued and SN,

I don't know why, but I think that I think (???) that they are two different people. Without any real contact, however, it is impossible to tell. So I guess that it's anyone's... guess?

What still has me scratching my head is the open invitation to meet that I left for Sarah, who said she was more than willing to do anything to "prove" her case. She never did respond... an odd approach to proving one's point.

Sarah aka TechDarling said...

The reason I didn't meet you isn't because I'm not real, it's because that is a totally dangerous and creepy situation to someone who recently found out that someone (local) has been stalking me for years. Maybe if it were at a group event or something, but you can't expect me to just randomly go meet you 1 on 1 to satisfy nosy people's theories that I'm not real. I know I'm not Ferarro, the rest of you can think what you want.

Jagoex said...

I agree, it would have been creepy, but I never said anything about a 1-on-1 meeting.

I suggested that we meet at a restaurant and had planned on bringing my wife along with a few friends. I assumed you would have brought others as well. The details were assumed on both of our parts because they were never discussed. I guess that is a mistake we both made.

Anonymous said...

Meeting a stranger from the net is creepy, but making an encouraging video for your stalker isn't?

Star said...

JAGOEX IS THE STALKER!!!! lol, sorry, I had to. ^.^

I'm with that last anonymous poster. You made a video for your stalker to fap to right after finding out about this mess, but you thought contacting the guy who outed him is creepy? Logical fail!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure Jagoex and Ferarro aren't the same person?

Anonymous said...

Ferarro is posting on his blog again and signing his posts with the letter E. That's the most interesting part of his comeback. I never got what people see in that blog.

Anonymous said...

I also meant to say he's obviously doing it to carry on the lie, which means Sarah probably hasn't done anything to get him in trouble. Why else would he use a different letter?

Anonymous said...

Of course he's going to carry on the lie. He fucked up his rep with everyone by screwing with the WOWINSIDER editors. You don't think he isn't going to try and weasel himself out of that one?

Anonymous said...

@ Intrigued, I offer no proof because I don't have any. I am merely speculating on what I have observed. Indeed, I have read many of the older (and decidedly more personal) posts on Paladin Schmaladin that are no longer available.

Ultimately, from what I've read, there is little to no solid proof as of yet to definitely know whether Paladin Schmaladin was indeed written by a "stalker" of Sarah's or whether it was written by Sarah who wished to keep her identity private, especially in lieu of the more revealing older blog posts (that have been removed).

Not everyone who plays WoW wants others to know about it... maybe it wouldn't be an issue for you but for some, it can be.

Anyways, I could really care less what everyone else thinks. I'm simply stating my thoughts on the matter. Peace.

Jagoex said...

Lets not go there.

Anonymous said...

Now Ferarro is carrying on the charade about how it's multiple people writing the blog. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetically sad. If you ever check this message, Ferarro, please... just stop. You're not fooling anyone. Whether or not you're a hot chick/multiple people, you write a good blog about paladins that many people enjoy. Why the need for these fantasies about being other people? Drop the act and blog. That's all you need to do.

And what's with all the retarded conspiracy theories about Ferarro and TechDarling being the same people? THEY AREN'T. Stop being stupid.

You idiots say she's trying to maintain separate lives in her Ferarro persona and her TechDarling persona... yet she uses pictures of herself on both blogs. That seems like a terrible idea when you want to separate your personas, doesn't it? But lets continue anyway for the truly stupid individuals... for someone whose profession is in the technology/entertainment industry, why the fuck would she deny playing WoW? It'd be another notch under her belt in terms of geekiness. It'd give her even more legitimacy.

Man, people need to use their goddamn heads sometimes. Christ.

Anonymous said...

lol looks like the "ferarro" is back

Anonymous said...

It's a crock of shit. Everytime ferarro got backed into a corner and get close to getting caught he would say he was getting stalked and disappear until people forgot what was happening. Then he would come back. Same shit different day and with a different girl since he got caught. It'll all happen again too and the stupid cycle will continue.

Jagoex said...

^This, for the most part. I would only add that the only thing more imbalanced than the saps being taken in by his lie is the liar himself.

Seeing him resurrect the whole circus yet again and after everything that happened truly makes him a psycopath.

The people that matter know better. We also know where he gets his material too (Wrath box art, etc), and surprise! He was lying about that too.

I hate the circus, btw.

Anonymous said...

Call him out again, FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!11111

Anonymous said...

Ferarro is saying he is live blogging from "backstage" at blizzcon. I wonder if he knows that's not allowed at blizzard events. I mean someone so connected should know this right? Others aren't stupid enough to fall for it right? I almost want to delete my paladin because I want nothing in common with that loser.

Jagoex said...

Honestly, I don't have any interest in what he's doing. All the people that matter know what's up. No worries.

old guildmate said...

I know 100% that ferarro is a guy, doesn't work for blizzard, has never been to blizzcon, and is an emo motherfucker who craves attention.

Teej said...

Jagoex, out of curiosity, where did he get the WotLK box art from? That has always perplexed me how this guy actually did have the inside scoop on this.

But yeah, the circus is in full-swing again, it didn't take him long to go from only posting about Paladin news and tactics to once again posting fake stories and tweets about "her" life, images of girls, etc. His attempt to pretend he was at Blizzcon, let alone working at it, are laughable.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know about the box art too.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, he is actually signing his name as single letters. He's sticking to the story of being more than one person.

Star said...

Why am I still getting feeds from this post?!? Amg enough already! Oh ferarro is back to her old tricks? Go read the third comment. Game over! Nothing to see here. STOP POSTING ABOUT THIS STUPID IDIOT! G'bye!

Star said...

Fifth comment. Not the third. -.-'

Jagoex said...

Lol, Star. Good call. <3

Anonymous said...

Ok...i know we should let this topic die but another lie of Ferraro's has come to light.

He/she just said in a post that WotLK was going to be his/her last expansion played until she heard what Cataclysm is going to be.

If you recollect, he/she also made a post sometime last year stating that he/she was a Blizzard employee and that he/she found it odd that he/she knew what the next expansion (now known to be Cataclysm) was but didn't know what raid was being introduced in patch 3.2.

That's why it doesn't pay to lie folks...

Alongwaydown said...

Not to seem like a creepy stalker type but did anyone notice when became a private blog?

Anonymous said...

Its not private but I still think shes ferraro

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