Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soulstone Resurrection

This is just a quick post to check the look of the blog. More to come. ;)


Morhgan said...

Yes, please. :D

Hatz177an said...


chronic said...


C #78 said...

When do you think you'll be doing this regularly?

EvilCheeseWedge said...

Jago lives?

Jagoex said...

Thx to all who have commented!

@C #78

I'm aiming for 6/3/09. :)

Rich said...

Hey Jagoex,

I'm building an index of WoW information and I've recently added a link to Warlock Therapy in various categories. The 'Listing' has a link, summary, user rating, as well as spaces for full description and images which are available to website owners.

The initial rating is a default and doesn't reflect any actual review of the site.

You can see a search page of your listings here to get an idea of how the site works:

Forums are now open and have threads for posting additional link requests for new content, or changes and error fixes in existing listings. You can also email me personally if you have new content you would like listed. Feel free to make my email available to staff but direct users to the forums please.

Though WoW-j has a large and useful amount of information already, it is still young and growing daily. It's future is very much open to discussion or suggestion and any feedback is really appreciated.

Good Luck and Thanks,
Rich 'Lasitus'

Fulguralis said...


Long before I started my own blog, I came to yours to help make myself into a presentable warlock. Can't wait to see you posting again and welcome back to the blogosphere.

Owen said...

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