Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A License to Warlock

Like driving heavy machinery or working in a specialized profession, sometimes I think that playing WoW should require a license to operate. Not that I think the game is difficult to play or anything like that, but so few people actually take the time to learn the intricacies of their class, that it'd be nice to have a simple and clean way to separate those that do from those that don't.

Achievements are a step in the right direction, but won't help in picking out the Warlock in Kara gear that can out-perform T6-level 'locks in Black Temple content (*cough* more on that later this week)... even though the system totally should.

But because we will never see licensing of that kind implemented in-game, I guess we'll just have to turn to our good friend novelty to get our licensing fix. =)

Inspired by Mike Schramm's post over at WoW Insider, I threw together these Warlock "licenses" for the sheer heck of it. They're pretty fun, if I do say so myself, and best of all, they are totally unspoken for in the State of California! I'm actually thinking about picking one of them up myself. =D

So here ya go, friends in curses, and be sure to let us know if you got some of your own novelty statements to share, or if you are sporting an auto-based tribute yourself!

See you guys soon... even on the road, maybe. ;)


Raz0r said...

"I<3SUCCI" I loled.

Jez said...

"MOR DOTS" Made me lol IRL. You should add "I R MUSHROOM" if it fits in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Omg! So tempting. How much are they?

Trina said...

I really like "MOR DOTS" and "FEAR LOL". Those are so awesome. Seriously. ;b

Anonymous said...

Hm I wonder if I can make custom plates in Ohio.

Lyn said...

I love them!!!! I was wondering what to get my husband for his birthday, and a custom plate would be perfect! Thanks for the idea ^.^

Star said...

Oh em gee I'm so getting one as soon as I get my own car! ^.^

Derrick said...

Good stuff good stuff. How about these?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are these for real or just novelty plates?

Rarespawn! said...

Hey, I just found a new reason to finally get out there and get my driver's license! WoW-themed license plates? Sounds like win to me.

Jagoex said...

The licensing and registration fees are totally worth it imho. ;)

@anon: These CAN be totally legit if ordered through the DMV of your respective state. These specific ones are not spoken for in Cali, so have at them if you must!

Ferenczys said...



SL SL <3







lol I need one

Pike said...

"STP DOTS" should go with "MOR DOTS"

Jukksan said...

I heard your a designer. True?

Anonymous said...

Hahah these are great!

Jagoex said...

@feren and pike: Great ideas! "IKILROG" Love it.

@juk: Where did you hear such a thing? =P

Zyphre said...

Jago designs one handed.

B of A said...

Is that why it takes him forever to post!? lol

Anonymous said...

"Like driving heavy machinery or working in a specialized profession, sometimes I think that playing WoW should require a license to operate. Not that I think the game is difficult to play or anything like that, but so few people actually take the time to learn the intricacies of their class, that it'd be nice to have a simple and clean way to separate those that do from those that don't."

This is quite possibly the stupidest comment I have ever heard you make Jago. This is a GAME, a GAME, so why should it matter if people waste time learning what you appear to feel is the very important business of being a 1337 WoW player. If people would like to enjoy the game playing some wacked out spec then let them, but then you'd have to understand this is a game and you clearly dont. Pieces of shit like you, evilcheese, jade, all of you let this game define who you are and that my friend is truly pathetic. Its almost as pathetic as that welfare trash zy commenting on here like he has a clue about anything. I eagerly await your attempts at talking me down, your e-buddies rushing to your aid or you making some off beat remark thinking you're just so crafty and witty that i would never be able to argue you down. Bravo sir.

Jagoex said...

@anon: I think you are quite mistaken! If you go back and read the entire post, you'll hopefully realize that it is one of novelty--definitely not serious business. Infact, the only thing that has any "serious" tone in it is your own comment.

Thanks again for reading my blog.

Samownall said...

lol thats awesome - think they are road legal? :)
samownall - World of Warcraft Blogger

Zyphre said...

@ Anon

lawl. I'm such trash I know. I wish I were as awesome as you. Man if I only had a clue. And I'd like my welfare check kthx. Didn't know I was on it but hey!

If you really want some attention I'm here for you baby. I'll give you that sweet e-lovin your looking for.

I get all hot and bothered when trolls give me mention in an otherwise unrelated rant about nothing. What gets you hot?

tejón said...

Tell you one thing, if Zy's on welfare I have no idea why he's making an hour commute to sit in the office with me.

Shit, I hope I didn't just give him ideas about leaving me alone here...

Dagdog said...

Wow, it never fails to amaze me how some people act when protected by the anonymity of the internet. I can’t imagine they would spew those ugly thoughts/comments if they were face to face with the person. Well, hope you’re having a good day!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...
anyways...i quit the game awhile ago. feels good. thought i would miss it but i don't. but i was trolling the forums and saw an onyx thread on ghostlands.

i didn't know onyx fell apart. well, shit happens right?

how you been buddy? i hope you're doing good. YO Z...WAZZUP BRO.
anyways, as for me if you're wondering. i'm back up to my old tricks in hawaii. i hooked up with a pretty tight crew and doing the dirty. been through some hellish legal shit but i'm all clear.

i want to sell my acct if anyone wants it. cheap. 70 HW rogue. 70 geared warrior. 3/5 brutal set. got it at the start of s3.

well, you take care of yourself bro.
you too jago..miss you bro.

btw, after reading the forums..these fools don't know what onyx was about. LOL...ain't that right?

my next soco is for you bro. take care of yourself.


Zyphre said...

email me six you fucktard. :D

Anonymous said...

Where are u Jag? I misses you! ='(


EvilCheeseWedge said...

Hey Jago, do you still play on Tichondrius at all? My warlock is there now... known as Fearmycheese ;)

Jagoex said...

Super busy. But the load will lighten soon! =)

Anonymous said...

nah, jago too scared to play on tich or any pvp server. too rough. i can understand tho. the ganking from ROGUES might be too much for him to handle.

in fact, can i say that from experience that the play from a highly touted pvp server like tich compared to rp, pve servers is ganking?

jago...wanna roll pvp?

Anonymous said...

i mean... lol

from kara to sunwell...the role of the lock can be predicted by the encounter. really? right?

but pvp vs pve? the role of the lock has a couple of attributes? game and self.
does the player crack?
does the player know how to counter an attack?
does the player know his class so much so he can defend?
or...does the player know that when put up to a equally geared class he will get the shit stomped?

fact. hunters and casters are fags.

any person who chooses a ranged class to pvp-(which is inevitable)is a fag.

these people who pick these classes are the ones who always complain about nerfs and TRY to somehow rationalize what is really the truth.

casters are fags. melee makes a man.


Anonymous said...

oh..btw..get out while you can
there's a life ahead of you
quit this fuckin game.

this game will feed on you insecurities and fantasies.

you will fuck as many girls as you ant, you will get drunk, party, enjoy life and not even think about it.

i'm thinking about you.
get the fuck out. fuck some nice shaved trim, eat pussy, whatever.
but leave world of warcraft.

or..dont leave unless you're a guy who cannot find himself, needs a fansty role playing game to make up for his short comings.

jago will prolly edit this out.
i think he's hooked.
if you are..LMFAO, enjoy the sun


oh yeah, and if you think you can beat me? equal gear and on my rogue...hands down, i'll own you like i did many others. quit this fuckin game and enjoy the fuckin sun.

Anonymous said...

oh and yeah...while jago may delte this. pvp is makes guys like you feel like a man.

the only thing i'm wondering is if hormones like that is enough to fuck your hand?

jago..this is six
sorry, i'm so done with this game and it gave me an excuse to TRY to be somebody that i'm not...but you're perpetuating the weakness.

i see a warcrafter in real life..i see a weak man/girl

i see a warcrafter in real life..i see an addict

i see a warcrafter in real life..i see a weak, mutha fuckin pathetic man who has nothing but a keyboard and a hand to stroke his tiny cock.

you should be more responsible.
stop this fuckin blog.

but all you "casual" players?...yeah right. really?
you want to see inside of sunwell.
you prolly can't even clear BT.

don't speak up. shut your fuckin mouth because i know that that the SIX degrees of jago is all fuckin scrubs. HHAHAHAHHAHA
print this if you a man...

or delete it if you a fag.

SN said...

Hey, anonymous, you obviously play a rogue, and rogues are SUPPOSED to beat warlocks. Jag must have beat you or gave you more trouble than he should have because, well, you're here trolling his blog. And if you really are over the game, you would have no reason to post what you did or be reading this at all.



Jagoex said...

Six, don't kid yourself. No one is more or less of a "man" for playing a video game on a PvP or PvE server; for playing a melee class or a caster, etc. It is just immature and ridiculous to think so.

This is just a game, and no one should use it to define who they are, or who anyone else is for that matter. Just because you did does not mean others do. And, in fact, most don't, and can play WoW healthily for what it is--A GAME.

I'm sad to see that you could not, and that it is difficult for you to understand how hypocritical it is of you to say "Don't let this game define you BUT PVP MAKES A MAN!"

Thanks for reading my blog.

SN said...

"Don't let this game define you BUT PVP MAKES A MAN!"

Lol. So true.

Anonymous said...

lol Jago, I bet he was too drunk to remember he posted this. Same old shit different day.

Zyphre said...

Blogging makes you metro.

Anonymous said...

hey...i'm back in classic form.
i know jago doesn't like drama on his grip. but this was a commemorative display of genuine sixis idiocy. which was the last of it. on this blog anyways.

no sweat. jago and me is cool. he knows exactly what kind of idiot i am...Z knows also. no blood no foul.

to the dude that said i played a rogue. yeah, i did play a rogue and my last xfer was to a pve server called shadow council. it's a rp server so you'd big deal right? well, i got my ass handed to me. rogues, like locks will be gear dependent.

lesser geared locks? give me a break. i will bust a nut in his succy's face. and my rogue is scrub geared.

what is shitty? my warrior who was really geared at the start of the season and locks would still kill me from dots AFTER they were dead. but it's how it works right?

locks by far is the most intricate class of the game. there's so many ways to rock it and yet there's alot of cross over patterns that you could prolly come up with.

me? i prefer the easy way. no thinking necessary. i smash.

pvp wise. an undergeared lock can dot a full S2/s3 warrior around, use terrrain advantage and regain hp/mana then play the hunter kite strat.

just don't get me started on hunters.

-SIX <3

Anonymous said...

btw...just for the asking, if anyone is interested.

semi geared undead rogue some s2/s3 geared rogue. High Warlord title.

PVP GEARED orc warrior s2/s3

holy pally SUNWELL geared with S3 pvp set.

combined over 10k gold.
also, other characters on pvp servers tich, lightning's blade, and black dragonflight.

all for sale. package deal. cheap.
also, i had 7 lvl 60 deleted rogues on lightning's blade. if you talk to the gm's it might be restorable.
yeah, and dont' talk no shit about having 7 60's. i played 2 months into release. leveling a rogue ain't hard.

jago and Z gets special hawaiian pricing!

Zyphre said...

Six, don't sell your account. You put way too much into that to let some guy pretend he was you. It doesn't sit well with me thinking about that.

Zyphre said...

Actually six you know what, talk to me if your serious about getting rid of it. I'd hate to see it go to some douche nub -_-

and you should talk to me anyway you crazy fucker. I haven't seen you in ages.

Anonymous said...

Z...actually.i'd prolly give my rogue and warrior to either you or Jago anyways. free. or maybe mufassa. definately not that fag

but with the sunwell pally. that's nikki's and that gotta sell. it's a package deal. trust me, her pally is pve/pvp geared to the teeth.

you got me thinking tho.
yeah, we made the grind, jago made the grind as well. alot of time was put into our characters. can i just give it away?

well, i've been doing laundry, housecleaning, and best of all, i've got a new crew. i found this kid...6'3" 275 thick..this guy can put down the hammer.
i'm not sure if i want to go back to warcraft.

maybe if things get too hairy again like before...but we learn from our mistakes right?

Z or Jago...if you had the time to do the lichking with six or swan...(name from this old ass movie called warriors, check it out if you don't know what it is. i just saw it last year. it crazy) i'd be down to give it to either of you guys....

but nikki's sunwell pally, well, that goes to sale along with my black dragonflight warrior.

i'm not sure if Jago can play a competent rogue tho?...hehe :)
just poking fun bro.

Z..let me know what you planning.

-SIX <3

Anonymous said...

oh..i meant that "fag" is xaytanic...
he mufassa's boy. who the fuck thought that fag would be a backstabber? not sure if any of you remember him...but i do, i swear, blow me one time in the club, i'll forget you in 2 months...backstab me and i'll remember that shit forever.

yo Jago...psychologically speaking...that does that say? lol

Anonymous said...

Z...gimmie vent info.
or i got this program called aim that me and her chill on. if you have that, give me your name so i can message you.

yo...wouldn't it be some funny shit if you(play a rogue) plays a warrior and Jago(play a lock) plays a rogue?
lol..yo can we split the chars to different accounts?

Zyphre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zyphre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i stopped reading after the post that attempts to make it sound like zy has a job, from that point on this whole blog became pure and total fiction

Zyphre said...

Aww poor anon. I'll give you some food. Trolling not so successful lately?

FYI I am (unfortunately) employed. tejón is my coworker. I drive about 76 miles and sleep on the floor/couch at his place 2 nights a week to save on gas.

I'm too white and in my twentys for the government to care to pay my way. But don't you fret! I definitely wouldn't have a job if I didn't have too. I'd mooch society dry and welcome the scorn of internet anons. Cause I'd just consider it the hard work I had to do for my government check.

I guess I'm even worse than white trash, on account of not being successful at it.

In fact, I think I'm gonna go have sex with my mom then cut myself a little. :(

Star said...

Jag! It was great to see you at Blizzcon today! Next time, lunch is on me. ^.^ See you soon!

??????????? said...


Anonymous said...

out of curiosity...
i want to ask jago's community what they think about warhammer.
good, bad, will have the longevity of wow?

is it worth quitting wow to play?


Anonymous said...

I tried warhammer for a bit. It's good but its not wow.

Nikto said...

It depends what you want from a game. If you like to spend hours raiding dungeons for shiny new loot then WAR is not for you. If you enjoy playing bg's and world pvp as a team then try WAR.

I'm not max level in WAR yet so I can't speak for balance at end game, but at level 25 it feels some of the classes do need balancing. I don't think they made any attempt to balance the classes before level 40 though so maybe it'll all even out.

I enjoy it more then WoW because it feels like a much more casual game. WoW was beginning to feel like a job before I quit. I don't see that happening with WAR.

Pinkette said...

Before quitting both WoW and WAR, I was really getting into WAR. As stated above, it was a lot more casual from my experience. WoW had turned into something you unintentionally started making a schedule for if you played it to any length... or set any goals in. With WAR, you could just pick up where you left off and you were probably going to get what you were after eventually, regardless of if you played every day or twice a week.