Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex, Shadowform, and the Spectral Tiger

I have lost all faith in humanity.

According to The Numbers, a website that compiles box office data including daily profits, The Sex and the City movie took in almost 27 million dollars on it's opening day yesterday.

Yes, THAT movie. And yes, it seriously did THAT well -- 3rd in 1st-day profits this year, even when people should have known better.

The movie has been receiving scathingly terri-bad reviews since previewed by Hollywood's elite weeks ago. Rotten Tomatoes, a liberal movie site, even gave it a 5.8/10. That's an "F" people! FAIL! And yet somehow, it performs, and I can't even begin to tell you how.

I mean, I know there are some crazy people out there that are fans of the show, but this is definitely beyond "some." If you break down ticket sales and costs, the opening day statistics amount to almost 3.9 MILLION crazy people that forked out hard-earned cash to see this heap of feces on film!

That's way too many crazies enjoying way too many feces!!!

But in all seriousness, what on earth can this movie possibly offer? Thought-provoking adult situations? Seriously smart dialogue? Aging, clucking, borderline-whores, one of which whose face looks like it grew a foot where it's nose used to be, and all of which probably have a raging case of genital herpes?

Well, the latter two, yes, but that's it.

And if you enjoy garbage like that, may you be cursed with the foot-face and STDs you seem to so admire.

/sigh... some people...

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. I'll point my sleep-deprived foul mood towards a WoW moment I had yesterday instead. =)

While running alongside a Shadow Priest from the UC to the Zeppelin tower just outside, I noticed something fairly peculiar about her ride. It was a tiger mount that seemed fragmented, like a broken graphic or something of that sort. At first, I thought it was a glitch of some kind. But as I got closer and started talking with her, I realized that it wasn't a glitch after all:

Turns out that it was a Spectral Tiger in Shadowform, looking both very cool and very odd as it stretched it's limbs out in front and back behind itself, invisibly moving it's armor as if they were supernaturally elevated pieces of plate.

I'm not sure if this graphic is as it was intended to be, and thinking about it now, I've never heard much of a complaint from proud priestly owners of the spectral mount. But I have to wonder if that is because they enjoy the way it looks, or if they simply aren't the types to complain about a mount they surely are happy to display, given it's rarity and worth.

In any case, it's a cool thing to see in motion. So if you happen to know a Priest who owns one, ask them to go dark and whip it out.

Hopefully, they'll know what you mean. ;)


Tebed said...

My girlfriend made me see it and I wanted to eat my eyes and ears. It is worse than you imagine.

Megan said...

Even I (who indulges in Gossip Girls) won't touch that with a 10ft pole.

Star said...

I have an idea! Lets all get dressed up and get out on the town to see a movie about getting all dressed up and going out on the town! hehehe ^.^

Grimmtooth said...

The irony of the movie rant is that in a rant about how, well, stupid people are to want to see such a piece of trash ... ya got the NAME of the movie review site wrong (and yet, by some fluke, got the URL right).

Protip: it's at the top of the page.


Jagoex said...

@megan and star: I totally agree. Good drama/gossip is one thing, but crap is crap, no matter how you package it.

@grim: Ah, good catch.

But I definitely wouldn't compare a fluke in one's motor memory (typing 'ing after two t's is just so natural) with the obvious mental collapse that must occur in a decision to actually see this movie.

I hope everyone can see how they are on two, very different, very distant levels!

Zyphre said...

Feed people shit long enough, and they will prefer it too food. Everyone would do well to take note of this.

Anonymous said...

What head piece is the priest wearing? The rest looks like T6 but I know the helm isn't. /drool

SN said...

It's most likely the Dark Conjurer's Collar.

It could be the S4 helm, but the rest of her gear is PvE based, so I doubt it.

Jag, show them your dev'lock. >;)

Jagoex said...

@anon: What SN said.

@SN: Umm, no. =P

Star said...

I wanna see!!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie and promise it won't make much more mullah. A movie that bad has to fizzle out sooner rather than later. And can't we see your warlock on the armory? I see one on Ghostlands or Tichondrius. Is that you?

Mono said...


B of A said...

Nova if he doesn't post it ss him!!!!!

Zyphre said...

Why does affliction suck for raiding? :( I don't like being pigeon holed into specs.

SN said...

Affliction would be fine if the DOT damage coefficients were a bit higher than they are. That said, Blizzard is fine having one viable tree for raiding per DPS class.

Jagoex said...

Guys, seriously. I'm not even sure posting that stuff is allowed, to be honest.

@Zy: I am hoping very much that they fix the Affliction coefficient issue in WotLK. Yes, they are providing talents that will result in quite the boost, but I'm very much disliking the fact that half the reason it will compete is because Destro is getting NERFED, not because Affliction is getting the buffs it deserves.

Lets hope the lead devs eventually see what 99% of the Warlocking community already does.

Brian said...

Protip for grimmtooth. 50 year old men that play wow should keep their stupid thoughts to themselves.