Saturday, May 3, 2008

"The Running of Da Bulls"

A week ago, I wrote about the amazing plans made by Big Red Kitty and his friend Ratshag to honor their lost friend and member of their WoW family. Today, those plans came to be, as seemingly hundreds of Taurens trekked from their starting area in Mulgore to the Horde city of Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands -- all in the name of fun and Sharvan.

If you missed the incredibly epic event and the raid on Ironforge and Stormwind that ensued, or if you just want to relive it, check out the video below, posted by Wincefish of Stonemaul (kudos for getting it online so quickly!).

Props to all who planned and participated in this very worthy event. For Sharvan, and anyone that has ever lost a friend.



Thomas said...

Great job. I Mooed at the start time even though I could not make it.


I'm glad and so many others were able to make it.

Logan said...


I never made it to the Hogger raid. After about 20 corpse runs en route to the Deeprun Tram I finally was able to res at the logging camp. Two deaths later I decided to call it quits. Did I miss anything after that?

Townes said...

The event was SO much fun, and so is the video - thanks for posting it!

Star said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Is this a yearly event put on by the same people?

Blawle said...


Get ahold of me somehow, I has a video for joo :P

Jagoex said...

Email me your vent info!