Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warlock in Wanting


Horrifying, isn't it? This awful picture was a failed attempt at a header image for one of my posts at the helm of the warlock flagship at WoW Insider. It was so horrible, in fact, that I never allowed it to rear it's ugly head even behind the scenes. It did lead to one hell of a replacement, though, and an edit that I am still very proud of. But that is neither here nor there. I'll chat about my experiences at the best WoW-related blog on the planet later.

This post is simply a test. I'm trying out a few new options and wondering if a move to a more meaty blogger service is necessary before I start writing again. This site has been kind over the years (especially the one that didn't see a single post), but the lack of certain customization features has left me wanting more even in absence.

Other sites like Tumblr and Wordpress offer a wider, more modern range of alternative templates and basic page setup than Blogger currently offers. When it comes down to it, multiple page clicks are important on the internets, even in the most casual of senses. And to me, it doesn't seem like Blogger offers the best blend of form and function. Just look at the header image of this post. It's just floating there all awkward like... and resizing it to the "proper" size clips the image's border? Wtf?

It could be that my impatience (if you know anything about me, you know that I have zero tolerance for bullshit), I have overlooked some quality features here at this site. But if the list of gadgets is anything to measure things by, than I am indeed on the right track.

Here's looking for more... gadgets, control, and of course, warlock therapy.


Caseic said...

Hey Jagoex! I forgot I had this site marked for updates (it's been a while since the last one...), and saw the new post.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to wish you the best when I left WoW. Hope you enjoyed the parting present!

Good luck with the blog migration, and keeping up with all the changes from Cata!


Jagoex said...


Thank you for the message, and for the big surprise that you left in my in-game mailbox! As nice as the gift was, I was disappointed to hear that you have quit WoW. And, admittedly, I'm little jealous, too. You're not missing much, honestly ...

I'm still working on a potential blog migration, but now I'm not even sure how much time I'll have to post. My schedule has been crazy for, well, the past year or so and the same issues that plagued me while writing "Blood Pact" for WoW Insider (constantly changing and extra shifts, emergency meetings, client overload, etc) continue to this day. Such is the price of "success," I guess.

Anyhow, do make sure to visit often or to shoot me an email (I believe you know it?) letting me know how you're doing. It's always a pleasure hearing from you.

Take care, and talk w/ you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

Caseic said...

Hey again Jagoex!

I head heard Cata was more of the same (grind-fiesta), which was the main reason I had to stop wow. One can only tolerate so many tiers of gear before it gets repetitive. I also was more of an explorer and Blizzard just doesn't do enough to encourage the running of old content (e.g. Blackwing Lair, Kara, etc.), which is beautifully designed, but now stagnant.

A few of us moved to LOTRO (which if you ever are on, I'm on Meneldor, and you know my character name...) and the pace and content are a refreshing change.

I don't have your email, but I'll check in to the blog from time to time. Or if you have it posted somewhere, just let me know and I can drop you a line.

Succi said...

I don't spend enough time browsing blogs, nice to see you stopped in to post semi recently!

The warlock situation at WoW Insider has been deplorable lately -- they haven't been able to pin down a regular columnist, and the fill ins, no matter how well-intentioned, just don't cut it. They don't play a warlock as their day job. :(

Cataclysm really is a blast though. Destruction in particular has gone from the easy nub-spec to an exciting game of "Guess That Cooldown!" And of course, the damage is great too :)

Kergen said...

so something kinda wierd...i randomly found my blog I started when we were still in prom kings FOREVER ago then clicked on your name and saw that you actually blogged like 4 months ago...jsut wondering if you still keep up in the WoW world.

your old tanking buddy
Kergy cake(a.k.a Kergen)

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