Saturday, June 7, 2008

GH3: Through the Fire and Flames, 100% on Expert

Seriously. I never thought I'd see the day.

The hardest song of any Guitar Hero or GH-like game ever released met it's master yesterday, when some dude named Chris hit every one of the song's 3,722 notes in stride. His reaction at the end of the video says it all... he definitely didn't expect it could be done either.

Grats on an epic gaming moment, Chris. You better not have been cheating! ;)


twisted said...

yey for him, I'll be impressed when he can play it for real

maybe I'm just bitter because I suck at guitar hero, but know how to play half the songs in the game on ma real guitar... and half of the songs I dont know how to play I could tab out pretty easily...
that's probably it

grats chris, welcome to superstardum, watch out for them sex and drug parties

Aaron & Stephanie Shumway (& family) said...

yay. good job